Demo Video for Winter Survival- DVD Video

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Cast  (in order of appearance, 85 species)

__Song Sparrow

__Brown-capped Rosy-Finch

__Sandhill Crane

__Sharp-shinned Hawk

__Streak-backed Oriole

__House Finch

__Northern Cardinal

__Dark-eyed Junco

__American Tree Sparrow

__White-throated Sparrow

__Fox Sparrow

__Ruby-crowned Kinglet

__Snow Bunting


__Common Grackle

__Downy Woodpecker

__Rock Pigeon

__Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

__Red-bellied Woodpecker

__Horned Lark

__Common Redpoll

__Western Scrub-Jay

__Ring-necked Pheasant

__American Goldfinch

__Black-billed Magpie

__European Starling

__Red-winged Blackbird

__Spotted Towhee

__Curve-billed Thrasher

__Steller’s Jay

__Northern Flicker

__Bridled Titmouse

__Pine Siskin

__Purple Finch

__Trumpeter Swan

__American Robin

__Wilson’s Snipe

__Hairy Woodpecker

__Red-breasted Nuthatch

__Arizona Woodpecker

__Golden-fronted Woodpecker

__White-breasted Nuthatch

__Black-backed Woodpecker

__Long-tailed Duck

__White-winged Scoter

__Hooded Merganser

__Common Loon

__Northern Pintail

__Bohemian Waxwing

__Brown Creeper

__Greater Sage-Grouse

__Wild Turkey

__Cedar Waxwing

__Common Merganser

__Red-breasted Sapsucker

__Ring-necked Duck

__Common Raven

__Canada Goose

__Loggerhead Shrike

__Yellow-eyed Junco

__Gray Jay

__Red-tailed Hawk

__Prairie Falcon

__Peregrine Falcon

__American Kestrel

__Short-eared Owl

__Cooper’s Hawk

__Northern Harrier

__Red-shouldered Hawk

__Bald Eagle


__Great Blue Heron

__Ring-billed Gull

__American Crow

__Great Black-backed Gull

__Black-legged Kittiwake

__Glaucous-winged Gull

__Bonaparte’s Gull

__Glaucous Gull

__Great Horned Owl

__Snow Goose

__Mew Gull

__Greater White-fronted Goose

__Marsh Wren

__Lapland Longspur


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