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Joe LaFleur holds degrees in wildlife biology and communications and is the author of Better Birdwatching, a series of DVDs about birds of North America. He has been collecting video and sounds of birds for 25 years and lives in Woodland Park, CO

Sat., Feb. 17, Bird ID Program, Lake George Library, Lake George, CO

- 11:00 AM-12:00 PM- Wildlife Biologist and DVD author Joe LaFleur will provide a free audiovisual program about local common birds of the winter season. The program will help you identify birds by sight and sound and will also review preferred habitats where each species is likely to be encountered. Ideal for beginners, ages 10 and up. Call 719-748-3812 to register, deadline is Febraury 15.

For more information call 719-748-3812 or 719-301-8801.


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