While hiking near Leadville on August 24, 2019 I found a very old tree stump with very large drill holes, possible evidence of a Pileated Woodpecker. The largest hole was about 5 inches tall. I found an excellent article by Kevin Cook about Pileated history in Colorado. A specimen was collected in 1892 in Bluff, southeastern UT, near Colorado border. In 1881 there was a report from San Juan County in southwestern CO. In 1959 there was a report from Gunnsion area. In 1961 there was a report from Snowmass Lake and as the woodpecker flies the old tree stump in photos below is about 30 miles from Snowmass Lake . Perhaps it is holes from a large woodpecker that drilled repeatedly and the holes just got bigger, but the drill holes definitely remind me of Pileated holes I've seen in the East. For now I am withholding precise location of the stump until the photos can be further reviewed.

For the complete article by Kevin Cook go to:





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