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Videographer Joe LaFleur has received a special award from the 2013 Colorado State University Media Festival for his new DVD Videos, “A Bird for All Seasons” and "Better Birdwatching in the Southwest- DVD Field Guide". The Cammy Grande award is for the Nature category at the Expert level and is recognized as: “Outstanding professional work appropriate to the medium and scope of project. Demonstrates significant effort, distribution, strong technical quality, and content.” The CSU Media Festival is a biennial event that receives hundreds of entries for the competition.

Joe LaFleur holds degrees in wildlife biology and communications. He is the author of Better Birdwatching, a series of DVDs about birds of North America and with birds to the music of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. LaFleur has been collecting video and sounds of birds for 22 years and lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia.

Countless articles about Better Birdwatching have appeared in newspapers throughout the country. Click the links below to view some of the articles, followed by testimonials from actual customers.









“I want to thank you very much for the bird talk-walk. I loved being with someone who really knows birds. I study and go birding as much as possible. You are very good at what you do. I gave the beginner DVD to my daughter and have your East Coast DVD here. I will look forward to your coming back!”

Ann, Fredericksburg, VA

Again, I appreciate the program and your willingness to spend time ... I did purchase two of your DVDs and am enjoying them daily. 

Tom, Marion, VA

"Here are the pictures we talked about today.  This is Abby the cat enjoying to the utmost your wonderful DVD! Thanks for all your effort in putting this very informative DVD together."

Vickie, Danville, VA

“This is great, we love them and recommened to people getting started learning about birds because it shows the wild birds and their sounds in their natural habitat.”

Valerie, Yorba Linda, CA

“Thanks you for the DVD Better Birdwatching. We watched your DVD last night and were absolutely lost in it. It was everything you siad and took me back many years. I as in awe of the time you must have spent, watching, separating groups of birds, and following single ones through shrubs and trees. I also admire the kind of camera you used, as obviously your films go back quite a long way. The kind of show you put on does not happen in a day or a year. Identification is also often very difficult, especially with warblers, sparrows and hawks and even many of their chirps don’t help unless you have an excellent ear.”

Dorothy, Little Current, ON

“I teach beginners about birds and recommend your product to them because they can see and hear the bird at the same time.”

Paddy, Hollywood, FL

“As a professional in video production I am amazed at what you have accomplished here.”

Titusville, FL

“I tried to find similar content online and while I found some bird video and sounds the quality varied from good to bad, so decided it would be much easier and would save time to just spend the $20 for the edited content on the  wo hour Florida Birds DVD.”

Titusville, FL

“My sons and I have greatly enjoyed the use of your product...It has greatly enhanced our appreciation of local avian species.”

Dave, Fort Collins, CO

I love your products, they are very informative! I have been able to identify many of the birds in my backyard thanks to you...Thanks for creating such a great product!

Yoko, Fort Collins, CO

“We used your DVD to identify (we think!) a canyon wren song which was completely new to us.  I am particularly interested in the songs, since I am often too slow with binoculars to get a good sighting.”

Diana, Fort Collins, CO

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your birdwalk at the USAF Academy and thank you for the DVD presentation afterwards...I've learned lots. Keep up the good work.”

 Marsha, Colorado Springs, CO

Thank you so much for a job well done...a satisfied customer

Jackie , Fort Collins, CO

“I just received the Better Birdwatching in Alberta and British Columbia DVD that I ordered as a Christmas gift for my sister.  I couldn’t resist taking a peek.  It is great, she’s going to love it!  She is forever trying to identify birds in her yard by their voice.  Her biggest thrill this year was to have bluebirds nest in her yard.  I greatly appreciate the time and effort it must have taken to capture all the birds and their voices on video.  Thank you.”

Jan, Alberta, Canada

“For the first time in her life, my cat Sasha watches a DVD - avidly.

What a gorgeous, restful, inspiring work it is.

How brilliant of you to produce this DVD without any narration, just letting the birds do the talking.

I got it from the library and have run it three times since yesterday.

Seems I will have to buy myself a copy.

I wonder if I can find something about Gambel quail.

A mother quail is out there in a corner of my patio with nine spotted eggs.

Anyway - thank you for a really memorable bird watching tool.”

Judy , Tucson, AZ

“What a great idea and effort you have made here ... What a great gift idea this would be.”

“a great reference tool for our staff ... helpful for learning species identification ... I’ve seen slide tray after slide tray on hawks, this was better. I could take the time to look at the features, and it has audio too. You can go at your own pace ...  I loved the Sandhill Crane.”

“Heard about Better Birdwatching DVDs:  Article in Boulder Daily Camera. Spending summer at our cabin in Crystal Lakes near Red Feather Lakes, CO and are enjoying the DVDs, John's birthday gift to Sarah.”

“I just bought both Better Birdwatching in Colorado,..and think they are wonderful. I recently bought some property in the mountains near Victor and have struggled to identify the birds I am enjoying there. I find the reference material to be too broadly general or geared too much for experts. I'm a novice bird observer and will really appreciate the sounds and videos. Text descriptions of these in bird books are less than helpful to newbies like me. Thanks for creating these tools!”

“I've enjoyed the DVDs.  Thank you!”

“The product is great...”

Look forward to next DVD. Nice job.”

“Nice article in the Rocky Mtn News”

“ ... what a great project!”

“ I purchased them at...which I visited explicitly looking for more detailed local bird information.”

“...we (my 6 year old and I) love it!  Thank you!!”

“I'm enjoying using the DVDs.”


“The product is great... Look forward to next one. Nice job.”

“Nice article in the Rocky Mtn News”

“I just want to let you know that I have had your product for 6 months now and when I am outside I hear the birds!!!!  What a treat. I have learned to identify most of them. The world is a better place with you in it.”

Neat. I love it.” Diane, IA


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